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    As summer comes in I’ve been asked by our Committee to let you know that your members are warmly invited to call in at Blackness. We are always pleased to see visitors and you will find a ready welcome. Our comfortable clubhouse has the usual facilities, including a well stocked bar. It offers panoramic views of the upper Forth. Blackness Castle is a few minutes’ walk away. During the sailing season the clubhouse is usually open but it’s a good idea to call the Commodore or Harbour Master in advance, particularly if you are coming from some distance away or where a number of boats are sailing together. 

    Boats can lie alongside the pier for 2.5 – 3 hrs either side of high water, depending on the state of the tide. In settled weather yachts can berth at the pier over more than one tide. At HWS there is approximately 3 metres of water at the pier, less at other times. There are usually club members around to take lines and give a hand with tying up but again it’s a good idea to get in touch with the Harbour Master before arrival. There is a slipway for landing from tenders for those who prefer to moor in the bay. Blackness Bay dries out so is suitable only for bilge keelers and yachts with lifting keels.

    The Committee is keen to encourage visitors to make Blackness one of their destinations and we look forward to seeing some of you over the summer.


    The Current Committee

    Commodore                Jack Mackay                 07817221370                           

    Vice-Commodore       Jim Halliday                07516825779                            

    Harvour Master          Pete Matthew    


    Treasurer                     Nicky Strachan            07979963048                                        

    Secretary                     Gordon Yates               0792588073                                                 


    Jim Halliday, Vice-Commodore, BBC     

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    Pictures of Push The Boat Out Day 2 (20 May 2017) added. The pictures were taken by Derek Braid and Ruth Mileham

  • 18 May 2017 10:14 AM | Thomson (Administrator)

    Pictures of the 2000 Traveller can be viewed by clicking here.  They were taken by Ruth Mileham.

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    Is North Berwick Town Centre a great place for everyone?


    Are you interested in how the Town works, how parking and traffic are organised, or have ideas about how walking and cycling can be made easier or the environment improved? Then come along and get involved.  


    A design ‘charrette’ is being run in North Berwick from Tuesday 30 May to Saturday 3 June 2017 that anyone can join in. You don’t need any particular skills or expertise, and you’re not expected to have ‘all the answers’, a little time and enthusiasm is all you need to bring.


    Through a series of discussions and on site practical demonstrations local people will get the chance to work together with the Charrette Team to develop ideas and test out suggestions that may make the town centre work better for everybody.


    The aim is to reach a consensus using local knowledge and views from the whole community on the best way to make changes that can feed into the Local Area Plan and Local Transportation Strategy.


    The charrette is being run by Kevin Murray Associates who are planning, regeneration, and urban design consultants.  The charrette was commissioned by North Berwick Coastal Area Partnership as a result of the views expressed through our community conversation events and is funded by East Lothian Council and Scottish Government Charrette Mainstreaming Programme. 


    Please see the attached leaflet which is being distributed across the North Berwick Coastal Area.  You can also complete the online survey at


    We look forward to welcoming you at the charrette.  Please encourage everyone to attend.


    Lesley Kay & Sue Northrop


    North Berwick Coastal Area Partnership

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