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Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to put answers to some FAQs below. If you can't find what you re looking for please get in touch.

What boats will I learn to sail in?
Thanks to generous funding from a variety of sources the club has a fleet of 12 race-fitted Toppers and 4 2000s. We also have 4 ribs which we use for teaching powerboats skills and as rescue craft for ELYC activities. Typically junior courses are taught in Toppers and adults are taught in 2000s. 

Do I need to join the club?

Yes - all of our courses and sailing sessions are run by our club members for our club members. By joining the club, you will be able to take part in many of our weekly sailing sessions that take place through the main sailing season (May - August) after learning to sail on one of our courses.  You can join the club online using the membership section of the website.


What do I need to bring with me?
For summer school and adult learn to sail courses ELYC can provide buoyancy aids and helmets, if required. For all the courses and sailing sessions we ask that you bring your own kit, for example wetsuit etc. For further information on what expect and what to bring on the first day of your course please have a look at our pre-activity information page. 
What happens if it is bad weather? Should I still turn up?

Training courses run no matter what the weather. If we can't get out on the water we will run on shore sessions.

What is an RYA course?

RYA stands for Royal Yachting Association and  is the governing body for sailing in the United Kingdom. Our RYA courses will follow a set syllabus and if the students can demonstrate the skills required by the end of their course they will be given the relevant RYA certificate. Please note that we cannot present certificates if the required skill and competencies are not shown. If this is the case our instructors can suggest ways to get out on the water again to build up the skills needed. The following links take you to the RYA website which provides further information not he courses we offer:

Junior Sailing coursesAdult BeginnersAdult Improvers and Advanced modulesLearn to Race coursesPowerboat courses

Who will teach me?

All RYA courses are run by our team of qualified RYA instructors. Many of our sailing courses and sessions are run by volunteers who want to give back to the club. If you are interested in getting involved in helping please so get in touch with the training team

Why does ELYC have a training program?
The club invests in instructors and club boats to provide opportunities for others to learn to sail and enjoy the sport of sailing. The training program has the following aims:

·      To introduce local residents and families to ELYC and the sport of sailing in a safe and supportive environment. Support new club members to become active members within ELYC.

·      To provide an integrated Start Sailing Pathway from learning to sail, improving skills to start racing and during this process hopefully becoming boat owners.

·      To support club members who wish to pursue instructor qualifications while continuing to be active sailors within ELYC, ensuring an integration across all aspects of ELYC.

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