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Keelboat Race Report

19 Sep 2021 12:49 PM | Millar (Administrator)

With nerves a jangling 3 of ELYCs finest yachts took to the race course, around marks A, B and the Poo buoy. The Poo buoy was chosen as mark T was removed by Mr Hill, never happened to Sir Ben in the America Cup.  Despite having a dodgy start kinsman held the early lead but was quickly overtaken by that solo around the Craig sailor,

Having decided that a wee infringement of the rules had taken place at the start, Kinsman very sportingly did a 720 , or as close to that as possible as nobody on board could count that high.

By this time Westaway was going out of sight closely followed by Mischief ably helmed by Mike Willis and crewed by another Mike. Rounding the outer limit team Kinsman decided to tack off shore as the navigator had waved his wet seaweed and decided that that was the way to go.

Meanwhile Westaway and Mischief got further away on a port inshore tack .
Team Kinsman felt that  they would catch them all at the Poo buoy. However due to some slight navigational errors ( must spin the compass or maybe the plates) they rounded the Poo buoy last ( sorry misprint should have said in 3 place).

Unfortunately by this time Westaway was just a speck in the distance and with spinnaker flying was bearing down on the finish line. However, Team Kinsman were not out of it and decided that the kite had to go up, Rigg was like a ballet dancer on the foredeck , excluding tutu, whilst 1st reserve waiter Mr Lundy undid all the knots that seem to happen with all the ropes( sheets, halyards etc. To those nautical types  amongst you).

Meanwhile , sportingly , Mischief decided to slow themselves down and this allowed Kinsman under full sail to pass them and finish a respectfully 2nd place. The sight of Kinsman under full sail brought a tear to many an old salt including the helm Mr Hughes.

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Mike Rigg
First mate

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